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You Never Know Until You Ask

You Never Know until you ask

You Never Know Until You Ask!

Even in my condition the family insisted that a wheelchair be secured to push me around, so I could enjoy the tradition of Canal Days. And as usual the weather was perfect and having the whole family in town to celebrate was an all-around super time.
But I have always wanted to put this story to print since it is one that if I was not party to it, I may not have believed it. It’s a cute story that has its origins at golf course not far from here.

You see we combined the Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations together and had our fireworks scheduled for July 2nd each year. Fireworks night was a production unto itself. The Clubhouse would handle 500 plus for dinner inside and outside there was twice as many at the BBQ’s, rides and games for the kids. One of the more colourful attractions for the kids was “live” pig racing. I have tried my best to figure if you could have anything but “live” Pig racing. What would “dead” pig racing look like, just saying.

​The story is that one year when the festivities were in full swing around 7:30 p.m. I was summoned from my duties with the firework crew to answer an inquiry from a super nice elderly lady partaking of the evening surrounded by her family and friends. Her inquiry has stayed with me and comes to the forefront of my mind each time I witness the beauty of a firework display coloured against a dark night sky.

When I made my way to meet up with our wonderful Food and Beverage Manager who took me over to this nice lady to confirm that what he had been asked was indeed a sincere request.

It went something like “O’ what a lovely evening gentleman. Would it be possible for you to accommodate an 86-year-old lady and set off the fireworks at 8:00 p.m.? You see I go to bed at 9:00pm and I am told that the show will not start until 10:00pm? Any chance you could move them to 8:00pm? It would be greatly appreciated.”

We did what any good management team would do. We evaluated the request against the other 1,500 attendees, and then we politely told her that setting off fireworks in total daylight would lessen the experiences for the others who wish to view them against a dark sky.

She understood our dilemma and politely thanked us for our consideration and then said, “O well you never know until you ask.”

Now in the immortal words of Paul Harvey for the rest of the story. This same lady was one of the last people seen leaving the clubhouse bar around midnight. So much for an early bedtime, but I can attest she did have a very good time by all indications.


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