Saturday October 5th, 11:30am Registration

A Four player Scramble Event where YOU can Win your very own Full Membership at Whisky Run!

Day of Tournament $79/person

Register Now ONLY $69/person!

Whisky Run Golf Club Thanksgiving Tournament

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Win a FULL Membership!

It’s true! Every year, Whisky Run hosts the Thanksgiving Tournament on the Saturday before Thanksgiving weekend, usually the first Saturday in October.

Thank You!!!

We wanted to show our thanks to the amazing members and guests we have at Whisky Run by giving you an opportunity to WIN a FULL Membership for the following season.

The free membership is done by a draw. For each Club Event* attended, the player’s name is entered into the draw. For example, if John Smith plays in the Masters, The Bootlegger, The Labour Day Classic and then the Thanksgiving Tournament, his name will be entered in the draw four times. If the Thanksgiving Tournament is the first one that Jane Brown plays in, her name will be entered in once.

Increase Your Odds Of Winning!

So, the more Club Events a player participates in, the higher odds he or she will have in winning the membership for the following season!

How Do I Enter?
“In the past, we have had members and guests who have played in as few as one tournament to as many as seven (the maximum # of sanctioned outings for this draw)! So, it really is a matter of luck – just like the lottery!”

Qualifying Events​
Participating Club Events that qualify for the Membership Draw include:

* Whisky Run Open – The Masters Tournament
* The Dutch Open
* The Father’s Day Weekend Tournament
* The Bootlegger Bash
* The Canal Days Tournament – Beat the Nieuwlands
* The Labour Day Classic
* The Thanksgiving Tournament

Register now! Don’t miss this great opportunity and a fun filled event! Before you know it, winter will be here!

This Tournament is a Four Person Scramble format, 18 Hole golf & ride, lunch, dinner, course competitions, prizes and awards – Win a FULL Membership!

The Membership draw will take place at the end of the banquet. For each *Whisky Run sanctioned event that you participate in, your name will be entered into the draw (up to 7 times). Winner must be present at time of draw to collect prize.

Whisky Run Golf Club Thanksgiving Tournament

What You Get at the Thanksgiving Tourney

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    18 Holes of Great Golf
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    Riding Cart
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    Delectable Lunch & Dinner
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    A Chance to WIN a FULL Membership
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    ​Draws & Prizes
  • angle-right
    ​Course Competitions

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

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What Format is the tournament?

Is Lunch Included?

How many scores are recorded/team?

Do Members pay the price quoted above?

Do I have to be there to Win the Membership?

P.S.: This could be the time YOU win a FULL Membership :)