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Remember Me

Remember Me?

Some forgotten stats regarding Tiger’s World Golf Ranking, the Ups and the Downs;

2009 - #1
2010 - #2
2011 - #23
2012 - #3
2013 - #1
2014 - #32
2015 - #416
2016 - #652
2017 - #656
2018 - #13

Thanksgiving weekend 2009 should have be like any other. A time for family and friends to gather around and give thanks for the blessings they enjoy, however as we all know the world watched the most recognized name in sports, Tiger Woods fall off the human radar screen so far that some members of the media even tried to using NASA to locate the number one golfer in the world. (That’s not a joke.)

I am not sure if anyone could comprehend the depths, he had sunk both personally and professionally. I remember the endless 24-hour news cycle that castigated him relentlessly and showed no mercy. Was he to blame, sure? We all must face the consequences that our choices leave for us; some good and some not so good and even some downright ugly. But very few of us rarely get the opportunity to lay our entire lives out for public scrutiny, judgement, speculation and total humiliation. And no one would ever choose to willingly do it. That’s just on the personal side. His physical side was also exacting its own toll. But I think that the most painful for him was having his life torn asunder in front of his family, friends, peers and the world. Every salacious detail reported on repeatedly. Nothing left to anyone’s imagination. The constant drum beat of he is finished, he will never play again, he will never win again, on and on the critics piled on with no personal regard toward him at all. I am not sure how Tiger even managed to get up every morning and function after that weekend.

Think of what it must have been like for Tiger coming back to play competitive golf again and knowing that every person watching live at the course or on TV has a negative opinion of him. All eyes watching and waiting to critic his every move on and off the course. To prove themselves right, he is finished.

What I learned from watching Tiger claim is 5th Masters title and his 15 major last month was simply this; if you ever doubt yourself, find yourself in an unthinkable and embarrassing situation and facing insurmountable odds and personal embarrassment, think of Tiger Woods. 

Tiger for all his faults has once again risen to the top of the game he so commanded for so long before poor life choices and physical pain brought him down for all to see.

So, when life kicks you off the straight and narrow path, just remember, with perseverance, dedication, mental toughness and a lot of hard work you too can find your way back. 

In the immortal words of John Lennon, “life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.” 

Golf is a great metaphor for life. One minute your safely in the middle of the fairway with a wee pitch on the green and then bam, one shank, two shanks, and now you can’t even remember how to breath. All that in less than 10 minutes. Crazy game we play. 

Play on maestro, play on!


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    Love it Jeff!
    I’m looking forward to see how he does at the PGA Championship this week.

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