Scary Halloween Scramble - Whisky Run Golf Club

Scary Halloween Scramble

Scary Halloween Scramble


Scary Halloween Scramble
Saturday October 19th, 2019 10:30am-5:30pm
Price is/player

18 Holes Golf & Ride
Course Competitions
Prizes & Awards
Best Dressed
Format: 4 Player Team Scramble
Scariest Distance with the Trickiest Pin Placements



Scary Halloween Scramble

Halloween and golf go together like peanut butter and chocolate… mmm, Reece’s peanut butter cups are our favourite candies this time of year!
And you might find a few over at Whisky Run Golf Club as we host the annual Scary Halloween Scramble.


This Scary Scramble features 18 holes golf & ride, dinner, course competitions, prizes and awards.
4 Person Scramble – with the trickiest pin placements and longest yardage!

Get Scary With Us

It is a really fun and challenging outing – we take the trickiest pin placements and the longest yardage to make it one scary round of golf! With a Las Vegas Scramble format, it’s anybody’s guess where you may be hitting your second shot.


With 18 holes golf & ride, course competitions, dinner, and a chance to win great prizes and awards, this is definitely one tournament you don’t want to miss! Now that the leaves have fallen and the air turned crisp, the snow is just around the corner – and here at Whisky, we like to delay that as long as possible!

It’s A Gamble!

“The Las Vegas Scramble” format forces you to play from positions on the course where you might not have played from before. Each team is given a dice and players are numbered 1-4 with 5 and 6 being wild. After each player tees off, the dice is rolled and the number that is shown is the player whose drive must be used.


From there on, a regular scramble is played with one score being recorded.


“The gambling effect of the Las Vegas format definitely throws a wrinkle into the average scramble! It is by far one of the favored formats for our leagues that play different games each week during the season. However, for the more competitive player, it can be a bit frustrating!”


Save the date now and try your luck in the Scary Halloween Scramble at Whisky Run G.C.


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