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Beat the Nieuwlands

Beat the Nieuwlands


Beat the Nieuwlands
Saturday August 3rd, 2019 9am-3pm
Price is/player

18 Holes Golf & Ride
Breakfast & Lunch,
Course Competitions,
Prizes & Awards

Format: 4 Player Team “Banker’s Scramble”




It’s Civic Long Weekend, and that can only mean two things:
1. Its the famous Canal Days Heritage and Marine Festival in downtown Port Colborne, and
2. Whisky Run is hosting its famous Beat The Nieuwlands Golf Tournament!


Owners and operators of Whisky Run Golf Club, Four Person Banker’s Scramble Civic Day Holiday Long Weekend.


It’s A Banker’s Scramble!

 “A Banker’s Scramble is a regular scramble with a twist. Teams still record one score per hole, playing the best ball throughout the round, but at the end of the round, we throw in a bit of a wrinkle…”


How’s It Work?

We draw six numbers out of a basket (from 1-18). These six numbers represent the hole #’s where the score is collected to make the teams Banker’s Score. We add the 6 scores together, multiply them by 1.5 and subtract the sum from the gross score… Sounds complicated, doesn’t it… Well, it’s not too bad, it just takes a few minutes to figure out! And while the organizers are doing that, we’re serving an awesome lunch and giving out draw tickets for prizes!


Try And Beat Our Team

The Beat The Nieuwland’s tournament includes breakfast, 18 holes golf & ride, a player gift, course competitions, lunch, draw prizes and awards. There is an extra prize, for each team that “Beats the Nieuwlands” with their Banker Scramble score.


“In the last four years, the Nieuwlands have been defeated by 0.5 points! That’s the beauty of the Banker’s Scramble – it really is anybody’s game! You can try to strategize, but it comes down to the pick of a number – you can be rewarded for scoring high on those chosen holes – an advantage over the low scoring teams. Another element of chance we just like to throw in!


Long Weekend Fun

This tournament is a great way to kick off your long weekend. It gets you outside and geared up for an awesome holiday with tons of festivities going on downtown. That includes our Welland Canal Challenge! So, sign up today for the Canal Days Tournament and try your luck at beating The Nieuwlands – hey, you might just get a beer out of Lou if you do!


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