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Life Lesson – Sit Down and Deal

Life Lesson - Sit Down & Deal

As this big blue planet we call home travels at 110,000 kilometers per hour around the sun I ask myself, “how come we don’t fly off?” I pondered that question for several minutes after eating my third banana popsicle here at the hospital and I think I found the answer. It is because of the relationships we form with those around us on our journey around the sun. Relationships are the glue that connect us and keep us grounded. No pun intended.

While my body is doing its best to kick out the infection that has invaded it (without my permission I might add) and I watch each day pass by in slow motion I have become eternally grateful to my roommates. So far, they have been my saving grace if you will. On my first day here while laying in what felt like solitary confinement the nurses wheeled in Gary. To meet Gary is to love Gary. He was in far worse shape than me and yet he always found time to talk and offer an encouraging word. (albeit through the magic curtain-we are three beds in a two-bedroom room) As introductions were being made and the usual banter exchanged it was revealed that we know a lot of the same people. As he inquired if I knew his cousin, my reply was “I not only know him, I took his father to Florida to play in a Pro-Am!” That would make him his uncle. Gary was just like his uncle “Red”, no holds bar, set’em up and let’s go, fun times they be awaiting.

​I told Gary that his uncle taught me one of the best lessons in life while on that trip to Florida. To this day it has had a profound influence on how I see the world.

The story unfolds by first saying Gary’s uncle “Red” did not like to fly so I obliged in driving him there and back. No problem I have made the trip many a times and two days in a car with someone you really get to know him. I was looking forward to the drive.

As it turned out we had two foursomes playing and each foursome had their own condo unit, but in the evening, we joined forces to have dinner and play some cards. Euchre was the game of choice. As the youngest participant at the table I was in for a whole lot of learning if I was willing to listen. My Dad used to tell me we learn from the young because they have no fear, and from our seniors since they have won, lost and loved.

The 8 crazy Canadian golfers struggling under the pressures of tournament golf turned to cards once again to pass the time. All was going well until one of the 8 suggested we stop playing cards and all head to the local “Ballet” for some Southern cultural refinement. To which Red replied, “shut up and deal.” The question was posed at least a half dozen times and each time the reply was the same, “sit down and deal!”

The young can be foolish at times, and this was one of those times. You must applaud his tenacity; he was relentless in his pursuit of some “Southern Exposer.” (the name of said individual shall remain nameless since he still walks among us and has himself waxed wise albeit 35+ years later)

Time was marching on that evening and with it so was Red’s patience. Catching everyone by surprise, Red cracked down on the table with a thunderous sound. When he had everyone’s attention, he declared the following with as much gusto and seriousness as a bear whose paw was caught in an evil trap, “listen, you may learn something! Just imagine you are stranded and lost in the Sahara Desert for two weeks before you’re finally being rescued. Everyone is so excited for your return, they put on a wonderful feast. Cold beer, rib-eye steaks with all the trimmings and mouth-watering desserts to complete your long overdue meal. You’re so hungry you can barely make it to the table. Then you realize it’s all an illusion, a mirage. You can only look at it and nothing else. Makes no sense. A waste of time. “Now sit down and deal!”

One truly never knows when one will be afforded knowledge from those who have traveled along the distant roads of life, but when the lessons are presented, one must be prepared to receive it. And once received, act upon its wisdom.


Frieism; too many people mix cash with class, the two could not be further apart

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