The Fox Course - Whisky Run Golf Club

Hole 1 – Swamp Willow Bend

The opening hole is a par 5 dogleg right reachable by the bigger hitters. Although it might pay to play it safe off the tee as there is out of bounds on the left and water on the right. This is a good opportunity to get off to a great start for your round.


Hole 2 – Wild Turkey

A narrow driving hole may force some to tee off with an iron to keep the ball in play. Getting your drive out to the corner will leave you with a mid to short iron approach shot.


Hole 3 – Kinsay Beach

Place your tee shot just short of the ditch that runs through the fairway. This will leave a short iron approach but be careful of the pond short right as well as the sand trap guarding this beautiful green.

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Hole 4 – Gotta Have Balls

As the name of this hole states, make sure you got ’em. If you’re teeing off from the white or blue tees you will have to carry some water in order to keep your ball alive. Wind plays a key role on this hole as it is usually directly in your face. So make sure you bring enough club to clear the water and hold onto your balls.


Hole 5 – Raccoon Run

The toughest hole on the Fox 9 is a Straight away par 4 with an elevated green that calls for an extra club or two on your approach shot.


Hole 6 – Hanks Falls

A beautiful par 3 that can be played from an elevated tee with a spectacular view of the “Hanks Falls” waterfall on your left.

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Hole 7 – Hickory Dock

The second par 5 on the Fox is relatively straight with a long fairway bunker hugging the right side of the fairway. Some longer hitters may be able to reach this par 5 in two but you will have to be very precise as it has the smallest green on the course.


Hole 8 – Nickel's Glenn

Off the tee look out for the fairway bunker along the left side which can go unnoticed by some. Guarding the green is a well placed bunker that snakes along the right side.


Hole 9 – Walnut Landing

The final hole on the fox is a fun one. Off the tee a fairway bunker runs the length of the right side giving a little challenge to you right handers who have a bit of a cut/slice.

About The Fox Course

The Fox course offers scenic vistas from atop the sand dunes along Lake Erie. Stands of mature trees and strategically-placed ponds and bunkers on each of the first four holes can cause a lot of grief, but then the course opens up a bit to give some great driving holes. Pars do not come easily on this, the most popular of the courses at Whisky Run.